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Agnosia: Disorders of Recognition

Agraphia: Disorders of Writing

Alien Hand

Aliens: Visitations, UFOs

America Attacked: Terrorism

America Betrayed: Bush, bin Laden & 9-11

Amnesia: Loss of Memory

Amnesia: Childhood Amnesia and Traumatic Amnesia.

Amnesia: Traumatic Amnesia, Corticosteroids & Repression.

Amnesia, Childhood & Traumatic--Neurology of....


Anti-Christ, Armaggedon & Astronomy (download PDF)



Art: Joseph Art

Assassinations & Terror: The CIA & Kennedy Assassination (download PDF)

Assassinations & Terror: Bush, the CIA, & the Ford, Rockefeller, Reagan Assassinations (download PDF)

Astrobiology, Origin of Life...

Astrobiology: Chapter 1

Awareness, the Origin of Thought, Resistance and Repression.

Basal Ganglia: Movement, Emotion...

Big Bang: Creation Science & the Myth of the Big Bang. (download PDF)

Bio-Terrorism: The CIA & USA Terrorizes America (download PDF)

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Brain: Overview

Brain Maps: Interactive Functional Localization Brain Maps

Brain Map I: Left Cerebral Hemisphere - Functional Localization

Brain Map II: Right Cerebral Hemisphere - Functional Localization

Brain Map III: Medial (Split-Brain) Cerebral Hemisphere - Functional Localization

Brain Map IV: Limbic System - Functional Localization

Brain Map V: Basal Ganglia - Functional Localization

Brain Atlas 1: Comparative Neuroanatomy

Brain Atlas 2: The Hemispheres & Lobes of the Brain

Brain Atlas 3: The Intra-Hemispheric Pathways

Brain Art: Joseph's Brain Art

Brain Damage & the Mind

Brain & Emotional & Language Development

Brain Research Laboratory

Brainstem: Functional Neuroanatomy

Brain Tumors: MRI Functional Images

Brain Storms

1...... Homicidal HyperSexuality (Amygdala Seizures)--Mother Sexually Assaulted & Killed by Son.
2...... Damon Wells: Son of the Devil
3...... HyperAggression (Frontal Lobe Tumor/Seizures)
.4..... PCP & Murder. Girlfriend Stabbed to Death.
5...... Charles Whitman: The Amygdala & Mass Murder
6...... The Unabomber: Limbic System Damage Due to Emotional Deprivation

Cerebellum: Functional Neuroanatomy

Childhood Amnesia & Traumatic Amnesia.

Christ: The Christ Conspiracy.

Confabulation & Child Brain Development


Confabulation & Delusional Denial: Frontal Lobe & Laterlized Influences



Conservation & Non-linguistic Knowledge in Children

Conservation, Reversible Operations & Interhemispheric Transfer in Children

Contacting & Consulting Doctor Joseph: Advice, Consultation, Expert Opinion

Darwinism, the Death of

Death: Image of Death

Death, Embraced by the Light, & Images of Death

Death & Dying

Death, After-Death, Heaven & Hell (download PDF)

The Death of Darwinism: Evolutionary Metamorphosis (download PDF)

Depression, the Neuroanatomy of...

Dissociation,PTSD, Flashbacks, Paralytic Fear

Dogs & Wolves: The Mind of...


Dreams, Spirits & the Soul (download PDF)

Dreams & Dreaming

Drug, Food & Alcohol Addictions: Help

Emboli & Stroke

1...... Maternal & Childhood Experience On Limbic Social-Sexual-Emotional Development
2...... Neglect, Stress, Neuro-Chemistry & the Amygdala
3...... Limbic System "Experience-Expectant Development
4..... Normal & Abnormal Amygdala-Social Emotional Development

Environmental Influences on Development

Early Environmental Influences on Memory, Learning, Activty, Sex Differences

Environmental Influences on Learning, Memory, Exploration.

Evolution of the Brain, Mind & Consciousness

Evolution of Religion & Spirituality

Evolution of Sex Differences

Fetal Brain, Behavioral & Cognitive Development



Frontal Lobe Psychopathology

Frontal Lobes & Arousal

Frontal Lobes: Movement & Motor Functioning

Galaxies & Cosmic Nebula: Images

Galaxies & Cosmic Nebula II: Images

Hallucinations, the Neuroanatomy of...

Hemmorrhage & Stroke


Hitler's Diaries: the Semi-Auto-Biography

Hitler's Diaries: The Movie

Hitler: Mind of Adolf Hitler

1) Hitler, the Mind & God of Adolf Hitler (Part I)

2) Hitler, the Mind & God of Adolf Hitler (Part II)

3) Hitler, the Mind & God of Adolf Hitler (Part III)

Hitler - Nazi Galleries

Holocaust: Mass Murder of Jews (Images Part I)

Holocaust: Mass Murder of Jews (Images Part II)

Holocaust: Mass Murder of Jews (Images Part III)

Homosexuality: Anatomy of...



Investing in...

Jesus Christ - The Passion of Jesus

Jesus Christ: The Marriage of Jesus. (html)

Jesus Christ: The Marriage of Jesus. (download PDF)

Joseph: Reflections Reflecting

Joseph's Scientific Publications

Language, Emotion & Reversed Cerebral Dominance

Language & Thought, the Neuroanatomy of...

Left Hemisphere: Functional Neuroanatomy

Lesbian (Female-Female) Sexuality

Limbic System Primer

Limbic System Overview

Mania & Bipolar Disease, the Neuroanatomy of...

Limbic Language

Memory...the Neuroanatomy of

Memory Tests: Immediate- & Short-Term Memory

Meteors & Asteroids: Images

Mythologies of Modern Science (download PDF)

Nazification of the U.S. Military--Sexual Torture of Iraqi Prisoners

Nazi Sex Perversions

Neoplasms & Brain Tumors

Neural Plasticity & Neural Competition


Occipital Lobe: Functional Neuroanatomy

"Organic Soup." the Myth of the Organic Soup (download PDF)

Orgasm: Sex Differences in Orgasm

Osama bin Laden

Paranoia...Is Watching

Parietal Lobes: Functional Neuroanatomy

Particle Physics & Multi-Dimensional Realities

Possession & Prophecy (download PDF)

Planets & Moons; Images

Planets & Moons II: Images

Religion: Evolution of...

Religion & Spirituality: Neurological Foundations....NeuroTheology.

The Right Brain & the Unconscious (Book)
...... Right & Left Hemisphere & Conscious-Awareness
...... Right Hemisphere Unconscious Awareness
...... Hunters, Gatherers & Sex Differences in Communication:
...... Right Hemisphere & Long Lost Childhood Memories
...... The Four Ego Personalities & the Unconscious
...... The Unconscious Child Within
...... Unconscious Conflicts & the Ego Personalities
...... Unconscious Repetition Compulsions Between the Parent & Child Within
...... Repetition Compulsions & Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.
...... Love, Criticism, Sex & Abuse
...... Reaction Formation: Defense Mechanism
...... Self-Deception, Denial, & Confabulation

Repression....Neuroanatomy of

Right Hemisphere: Functional Neuroanatomy

Schizoprenia, the Neuroanatomy of...

Science News

Science News (April-June)

Science News (December)

Science News (August-December

Science News (January-March

Science News (January-May, 2002)

Sexual Competition Between Women.

Sexuality: Female Evolution & Erotica

Sexuality: Female Evolution (Book Chapters-PDF)
...... 1. Sexual Evolution: Australopithecus, H. Habilis, H. Erectus (download PDF)
...... 2. Evolution of Breasts, Buttocks & Homo Erectus (download PDF)
...... 3. Evolution of Female Sexual Choice & the Domestication of Man (download PDF)
...... 4. Lesbian Sexuality & Competition Between Women: Evolution of Rouge, Perfume, Lipstick, Cosmetics (download PDF)
...... 5. Female Sexual Promiscuity: Women Have More Sex (download PDF)
...... 6. Flirting, Date Rape & Sexual Harrassment (download PDF)
...... 7. Sexual Self-Deception & Rape Hysteria (download PDF)
...... 8. Sex Slavery, Dating, & Prostitution (download PDF)

Sex Differences: Evolution of...

Sex Differences: Effects of Testosterone On Sex Differences in Visual Spatial Skills

Sex Differences. Females Have More Sex

Serial Sex Killers

Sex, Violence & Religion--Neurology of... (download PDF)

Sex News

1...... Niloofar: Love & Death
2...... Multi-Dimensional Realities & Trans-Dimensional Travels
3...... Remote Viewing
.4..... Dream of Dreaming.
5...... Alien Child
6...... Atlantis: Day of Deluge
7...... The Alien Mind: The Visitation Part I
9...... The Alien Mind: The Visitation Part II
9.......The Mayan Chronicles (a story)

Spirits, Souls & Poltergeists

Spiritual Evolution: The Paleolithic, Frontal Lobes, Neanderthals, Cro-Magon (download PDF)

Split-Brain: Two Minds-Two Brains

Split-Brain Patient


Stroke: MRI Functional Images

Temporal Lobes: Functional Neuroanatomy

Terrorism: America Attacked

Terrorism: Mind of...

Terrorism: The Kamikaze Suicide Terrorist

America Betrayed: Bush, bin laden, 9-11, Iraq

Terrorism: Osama bin Laden

The Transmitter to God (Book Chapters)

...... The Transmitter to God
...... The Children of God: Cro-Magnon Genesis
...... The Great Flood: The Destruction of Ancient Civilizations
...... The Anunnaki, Nephilim, Exodus, and The Deluge
...... The Two Gods: God & the Lord God

Unconscious: the Limbic System & the Unconscious

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Clinical Neuroscience, 2nd edition
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